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Fitness Inn started in 1982 through the will of Rudy Panatta, a young professor with a passion for body building. The deep and ingrained dedication to this sport and the conviction that body building is quite clearly at the root of improving general athletic abilities in sports, pushed Rudy Panatta into abandoning his academic career in exchange for the study, design, and production of fitness equipment. HR Fitness was born, an artisan shop that has now transformed into a dynamic industrial reality.

Fitness for everyone, a true lifestyle that combines physical energy and mental equilibrium to give security at any age and to help live and work better. A better relationship with yourself and with others.

Made in Italy, design, experience, perfect joint biomechanics, technology and high quality are the DNA of HR Fitness

HR Fitness offers the widest range of products on the market for various sectors, ages and types of training

HR Fitness is a market-oriented company, founded on principles of qualitative excellence. A point of reference for technical innovation, style and emotion

Imagine, create, and distribute Fitness products and services that are built for the satisfaction and success of our customers. Offer cutting-edge solutions that will contribute to an enhanced quality of life for the community. HR Fitness works towards spreading the importance of movement in enhancing the quality of life. A community awareness-campaign that also materialises in a bidirectional collaboration with Universities and Public authorities.

Innovation for our company does not simply mean creating new products, but it also means to create new market trends, with style and emotion. With our ideas we create emotion by presenting dynamic and involving fitness experiences. We convey the importance of movement at every level.

The Hr Fitness style, class embedded in the design. The aesthetic component is our distinguishing factor. When you choose HR Fitness you are embracing our passion for a design that is always unique and unexpected.

The company’s aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers. The customer is the heart of HR Fitness, a company that listens to the market and receives feedback from it. We work toward becoming partners in the success of our customers

HR Fitness is ideas in motion. New solutions for fitness. Innovation in order to grow with our customers.

We support all initiatives designed to protect human health and the surrounding environment. We avoid creating processes or products that create significant risks to people and the ecosystem.


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